Sunday, May 8, 2011

Worshiping God

I just sat down to write a Mother's Day post for my 'main blog' and something happened which completely changed my mood.  (And not a good thing.)   I have this blog post in my head as well so I thought it might be good to come here first.

I recently went to a teaching on worshiping God.  There are many ways to do this..and the focus of the teaching is that when you do things for others, you can do so as an act of worship.  I agree.  And being a mom, much of my life is an act of worship.  But many people do many good things...some believe in God and some don't.

So what is the difference?

The difference is the heart.

I have spent much of my life doing things for others.  Some of it has been intentionally as an act of worship.  Some has been because I felt I 'should' or 'had to'..for God or for others.  But even with all the 'doing' I have done, there has been something missing.  Even after I gave my life to Jesus, knowing I would spend eternity with Him, there was still a lack.  The doing, even when it was for Jesus, did not fill me.

So we get back to the heart.

What happens if we never do anything for anyone?  What happens when we sin like crazy?  What happens when we don't obey God even when we KNOW what He is asking of us?  What then?

Guess what... He still LOVES us.  He still loves ME!!  To me that is the miracle.  And this KNOWING, His pursuing of ME is what drew me unto Himself FIRST.  KNOWING this has made me want to PURSUE Him.

So worship for me is all about just me and God.  When I am in-tune with my Savior, I don't have to even THINK how to serve others, or how to obey Him.  I can sit there in a moment when all is going wrong, when I know I have done wrong, and know that He still loves me.  When all else falls away, there is still Him.

And He loves me.

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